Aeva Pvt. Ltd. Aeva is an IOT ( Internet of Things ) based Home Automation Company which provides complete automation solutions with superior quality and well designed product. SENIOR DESIGER | SEPTEMBER 2017 - JANUARY 2019
AEVA, a Home Automation based Startup was founded by Devanshu Mishra, an Alumni of IIT Roorkee. Vivek Anand was the Design Head, and it was from him that I learnt how design in corporate is dealt with. I started as a graphic designer and later, worked on the Mobile Application also.
Beta - Logo & Initial Branding
To start of with, we wanted to have a trademark logo, something that is unique and stands out. We thought to play with font styles and come up with a generic logo which shouts out "AEVA" upront.

We set the color scheme to be a blend of Blue and Light-blue. Reason being, blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence & faith.
Final Logo and Branding
The logo and the set guidelines didn't turnout to be a success, thus we set out to work on the thing once again, with better research and market understanding.

Even we realised that the color code we decided earier was quite common, so after many iteraions we finalised turquoise as the primary color. Turquoise being a refreshing, calming, sophisticated, energetic, serene, & creative was quite unique and wholesome.
Beta - App
To get things started, we wanted a Beta App which could be used for testing the product and for further research. Thus back then in 2017, I designed this simple 4 screen app.
Final Mobile App - UX/UI
May 2018 - Augurst 2018
I along with a junior of mine, Ayushi Patel, under the supervision of Vivek Anand started working on the Final Application of Aeva. Most of the research part was done by Ayushi, who stayed in Gurgaon to have a better understanding of the service Aeva provides, thus interacting with the customers and understanding the requirement of particular features in the application. You can know more about the complete UX Research she did here.

Aeva was shifting from B2B to B2C at that time, so it was a real challenge for us to make the application as intuitive as possible. The biggest problem was that the target audience wasn't fixed demographically. The application was to be used by people of all age groups and from different economical backgrounds. So considering this the application was designed and with multiple iterations, we finally made it through and completed the design by the end of August 2018.
UI Iterations
Final UI