Bull Stack - Concept Product A one-stop trust-based solution which the millennials would love to refer to before they make an investment decision. NOVEMBER 2019
With Millenials moving towards an information-rich world where severely low patience level has affected the decision making ability of the individual, it is important that the consumption and well as sharing of the content be crisp and to the point!

Millenials today do not like the idea of using the traditional investment options where a broker who understands market flow guides them what to do through an app or email or a phone call, they want to have full control in their own hand.

But investment decisions cannot be made just based on a glance. So a product has be crafted so that it’s a one-stop trust-based solution in the sense that it is something which the millennials would love to refer to before they make an investment decision.
  • The Product Medium chosen is a Mobile Application.
  • Considering a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century as Millenial, the Demographic range being catered is people who are currently 24 Yrs. - 48 Yrs. old.
  • The Target Audience is literate and has good hands-on experience of using Mobile Applications.
Primary Research
During the course of the task, I got to interact with almost half a dozen people in the Financial world, thus got a lot of information from there. My father being in the banking sector and my sister being a Millenial herself helped me connect with these people though whom I was able to understand the problem statement and come up with a solution which I think is perfect for all the User Personas.

Apart from that, I myself having zero knowledge of FInancial Markets pondered upon it for 2-3 Days, so parallely I observed how I approached towards a problem and what was my thought process towards achieving it!
The Solution
Learn 101
  • Setting a Daily Goal for continuous consumption of information.
  • Analyzing Progress and Viewing Achievements gives satisfaction to the user that he/she is learning right!
  • To ensure effective cunsumption of Content, the information is devided into multiple modules so that the user doesn’t lose interest.
  • Once all the Modules have been read and Module Quizes given, there’ll be a Master Quiz.
  • The user can read the Chapter in depth or can skip the lethargy and watch an Animated Infographic. It has been found that videos are more intriguing and understood comfortably.
  • At the end of a Module, there will be a small Quiz to validate the user’s learning! So if a person things he has adequate knowledge, he/she can skip the learning and directly give the Quiz!
  • A quick Glance of the Companies you are most interested in.
  • You can create multiple watchlists as per the companies and thus Compare and Invest Effectively.
  • Versatility while investing is important, so investing in Long Term and Short Term Market proportionately is adviced.
  • Giving the adequate information so that the New user doesn’t get confused seeing a lot of Data!
  • Add a New Company to the selected Watchlist!
  • Long Press on screen to Edit Watchlist
  • Parameters of Fundamental Analysis that’ll be considered for Comparison:
    1. Earnings Per Share (EPS)
    3. Book Value Per Share (BVPS)
    4. Net Sale
    5. Return Of Capital Employed (ROCE)
    6. Debt-to-operating Cash Flow
  • Companies that meet the Fiollowing criteria over a 10 year period are certainly the most investment worthy:
    1. EPS, Net Sales and BVPS grown by 12%+ year on year.
    2. ROCE over 13% every year.
    3. Debt-to-operating cash flow ration of 3 or less.
  • Technical Analysis:
    1. In & Out Position
    2. Balance Sheet3.
    3. Vision of Company
  • Fullscreen will Rotate the Screen and give a better view for observation.
  • On Long Press and panning helps in getting information of a particular day you might be looking for
  • Filters for better funneling of Information
  • Price of Stock on the particular date selected as well as the same day will be shown evidently.
  • The very first time a user lands on “Watchlist” obviously he won’t have any Market Watchlist, so we’ll help him in a gamified manner to create his/her first Watchlist, thus also getting to know his interests!
  • One can Add a company to Quick Overview here
  • Find your Ideal Stock • Questions asked:
    1. Investment Capital
    2. Tenure
    3. Expected % Interest
    4. Tax relaxation
    5. Versatility
    6. Risk
  • On Clicking on Add, one lands on the Search screen where he’ll be presented with some fact based companies which he/she can add to their Watchlist
  • A user can search for a particular Company and can then accorsingly Add companies to his Wishlist in a single click.
  • A Gamified way to again get to know about the needs of the user!
    1. Why do you want to invest?
    2. How much?
    3. Tenure?
    4. Expected Interest?
    5. RIsk?
  • To know the Options to Invest in One can look through the Curated List.
  • On selecting a particular company will redirect to the Company’s profile page as in Watchlist
Universal Search
  • Human attention span is now less than that of a goldfish, which has an attention span of just nine seconds! And with so much to consider while Analyzing a particular stock, it becomes really difficult to remember terminologies.
  • Thus a Universal Search was introduced so that User does’t go off-track anytime. If he/she has a doubt he/she can directly reach for it and it will then redirect it to the respective page of “Learn 101”
Thank You!