Cultural Society IIT Roorkee Website Cultural Council IIT Roorkee is the student committee of IIT Roorkee which consists of all the Cultural Groups such as Choreo and Dance, Music, Dramatics sections etc. UX/UI DESIGN | OCTOBER 2018
The Council manages the work of regulating these groups and conducting various events and workshops around the campus. Thus understanding the problems involved and the requirements of the Acads, a website had to be built.
Why Cultural Council Website?
  • Providing Beginner Information about the diff. Groups to the IITR Students.
  • To help the groups in preventing the time clashes between other group’s events.
  • Providing information about the workshops, Recruitments and Events organized by the council.
  • Helping the Junta to register and providing a schedule for the classes conducted.
  • There was a need to notify the IITR Junta about the cultural events taking place in other colleges.
  • To aware the IITR janta about the different achievements of the council in various cultural competitions.
  • To provide an online portal for quick registration for the workshops.
  • No organized method existed to display blogs written on the experience of the council members other than facebook.
  • To provide a platform for the junta to give feedback or ask queries.
  • To display the contact details of secretaries and joint secretaries of different groups for the IITR junta.
Target Audience
The Target Audience of the Cultural Council website are the Students of IITR, which are equal to about 8,000 under-graduate and post-graduate students. The Target audience could be divided in following groups :
  • Under Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Research Scholars
  • Institute Faculty
Also, we were specifically targeting the Freshers and the Sophomores in the Under graduates.
What will the Website feature?
  • Information about the Groups of the council and their work for the students who are new to the campus.
  • A well managed schedule consisting all the events and workshops.
  • An up-to-date notices page for notify the students about different events, recruitments processes of groups and workshops taking place around the campus.
  • Quick online registration of students for the upcoming events and workshops.
  • Showcase the achievements of the Cultural council in various cultural competitions.
  • A Blog page for all the articles and blogs based on the achievements and experience of the members of the groups.
  • Feedback page for the students to submit feedbacks and queries.
  • Contact Details of all the secretaries and joint-secretaries of different groups.
User Research
The brainstorming helped us figure out about the work we needed to do on the website but we needed data related to how much the students currently know about the cultural council and what problems do they face when they want to attend workshops or events conducted by the council.

We made a questionnaire consisting of such questions and interviewed students with different background around the campus.

Our Intention behind these interviews was to get the idea about how much do the students really knows about the cultural council and their problems related to the groups of the council so that we can solve those problems and provide the information that the student really needs and get a clear idea of the website we were making.

  1. Do you know about the different groups in the cultural council?
  2. Have you ever faced any difficulty when you are interested in attending any event conducted by the council?
  3. What did you do whenever two events clashed at the same time?
  4. Has it ever happened with you that you were unaware of an event that was held in the campus?
  5. Did you missed recrutments of any groups in which you wanted to get recruited?
  6. Are you aware of the classes held by the council for different activities?
  7. Can you easily contact the group’s secretaries to ask queries related to the groups?
  8. Are you aware of the achievements made by the cultural council?
People Interviewed
Pain points and its Solution
  • “I didn’t have any information about the groups which fall under cultural council.”
    SOLUTION: An informative page for each group and each of the major events such as freinds of section (FOS), Jashn, Crescendo etc.

  • “I am quite inactive on facebook so, I miss out many of the event posts which come on facebook feed.”
    SOLUTION: Aside facebook, the groups will post on the website so that all the events are updated at one place and the students get easily updated through the website. Also, a calendar is a good idea to check the upcoming events.

  • “Many times multiple events clash so, I am left with no choice other than attending any one.”
    SOLUTION: Introduction of the Event details in calendar would ensure that two events don’t clash as the group representative would be aware of the upcoming events thus, won’t be scheduling one on the particular day and time.

  • “I missed out the recruitments since I was not able to contact the right person.”
    SOLUTION: This was solved through two ways: 1. Notify the students about the recruitments dates of different groups. 2. Provide contact details of the secretaries to the students to get information related to the recruitments.

  • “I don’t know where to apply for the classes.”
    SOLUTION: An online portal to register for the classes.

What we need, App or Website?
IIT Roorkee being one of the best institutes of India boasts of having a rich cultural society. Having groups such as Choreography and Dance Section, Dramatic Section, Music Section etc. Competing and excelling in various cultural events, there was a need of a website to establish an online presence of the cultural council of IIT roorkee.

Plus, from user reseach we got to know about various problems people faced regarding cultural events. So to tackle this, we thought of proposing a mobile application. But later we realised we could merge both the concepts and come up with a website which could cater both the needs.
Feature Listing
After finding the solutions to the pain points and the sorting the issue of developing an app or a website, it was time where we generate ideas and solutions through repetitive sessions of brainstorming, sketching and discussions related to the development of the product.

After a few sessions, we made a feature document compiling all the features we ideated in the previous process and while solving the pain points.

Here is the compiled feature document :
Information Architecture
Information architecture (IA) is a science of organizing and structuring content of the websites, web and mobile applications, and social media software. Information architecture aims at organizing content so that users would easily adjust to the functionality of the product and could find everything they need without big effort.

We made the Information Architecture just after completing the feature doc. to get a more clear idea and so that it can help us to figure out any flaws in the website, since they are explicit.

Here is the Information Architecture of Cultural Council Website :
Wireframing is a way to design a website service at the structural level. A wireframe is commonly used to lay out content and functionality on a page which takes into account user needs and user journeys.

We made wireframes for both desktop view and the mobile responsive view of website. The wireframes helped us deciding the basic user interface of the website.

Here are some of the wireframes we iterated :
Color Palette
Final UI