Moodcafe Mobile App A mobile application for mental health and well-being. An anonymous chat app for people suffering from depression, suicide-instincts, anxiety, stress, relationship problems,and other challenges. UI DESIGN | DECEMBER 2018
Challenge had an existing Web application and wanted a mobile application where people going through bad times could pore their heart out by talking to anonymous trained listeners. The main challenge was to make the application not look like a dating application as the concept of anonymous chat shouts loud to be a dating app.
Abstract is a digital platform for mental health and well-being. The main services it provides id Online counseling, anonymous chat, assessment tool and resources for depression, suicide, anxiety, stress, relationship,and other challenges. In December 2018, An alumni of my college contacted me for this freelance project, to be completed within a week. They had an existing BETA App and wanted to proceed with the final application, foccusing mainly on Anonymous chat. He wanted the app to be as simple and smooth as possible, so that people don't feel dejected at any point of their experience.
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