Social Cycle - Dockless Bicycle Sharing App Flipkart Design Internship - Task MAY 2019
A bicycle rentals service is to be bought up in certain major cities for tourists and locals alike. The service has a few bicycles placed across the city at many designated spots. People are required to pick-up and drop bicycles at these spots for which they would be charged per hour.An app is required to help people explore, decide and book a bicycle that they can pick up and use for the booked time.
  • There are ample cycles spread around the city.
  • Only digital payment allowed.
  • IOT Based lock, which gets charged by Solar Energy. Need bluetooth for connecting with nearby cycle.
  • Use Groups:-
    (i) School/College Students
    (ii) Corporates
    (iii) Tourists
    (iv) Casual Riders (Adventure Freaks)
User Flows
Feature Flow
Color Palette
Final UI